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 Have You encountered difficulties with trading with China? Will solve it! My name is David Kartík. I and My team is ready to help You in all situations dealing with China. My personal life has been concentrated in China for more than 12 years, where I founded My family and where, I earned the respect and recognition of local entrepreneurs and even the support of several business groups.
 Over the past 5 years, We were spreading the good name of the inimitable high quality Central-European products. With Chinese, English, Slovak and Hungarian language skills, with 11 years of export and import experience and knowledge of Chinese business policy, We can proudly offer You Our services. Export to China, show them the real quality!

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In China, EU products are highly desirable. Would you like to expand to the world’s largest market? We can help you in this! We have years of experience with exporting both Czech and Slovak products to China. Our knowledge and contacts will enable you to pursue the Chinese market with your products. We will give you a choice of multiple development options for your China trade. Our selected services in this area include the presentation of food products and industrial products at Chinese trade fairs and exhibitions, providing support and providing suitable distribution for your products.


China offers You quality products at the lowest possible prices around the world. Trading with China can save You thousands of euros even on smaller orders. Why should You pay for the same goods from distributors more when You can buy it a lot cheaper! Do You plan to import products from China or would You like to change the manufacturer of your products? Contact Us, You will definitely be satisfied with Our offer!

Law & Business services

Chinese law guidance

Trading is not always easy, especially when you do not know the distinct Chinese mentality and Chinese business habits. Therefore, it is very important to be prepared, well informed and legally secure.

Chinese law guidance

Our team of Chinese lawyers will always guide You on the right path and will stand behind You in all situations. We offer complete business and legal advice not only in the field of trade, but also in the area of Chinese legislation.
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Interpretation services

The base of each trade is clear communication, accurate and quick translations are necessary. Moreover, resolving business relationships in the local language gives a huge advantage over competition. Our translators speak Chinese at the mother tongue level and are experienced and highly qualified!

Interpretation services

Do You want to translate various Chinese Documents? Do not hesitate to contact Ss!
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Quality control, consultation

Surveillance of the production process and the quality of the ordered product to get as much and what You have bought! We offer You 10 years of experience, 98 satisfied customers and a recipe for Our Slovak and Czech achievements in China.

Quality control, consultation

Based on Our experience, We will develop the best business strategy for placing Your products on the market, creating the right logistics and distribution channels, and presenting your products at the right time, in the right place.
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Exhibitions and EXPOs in China

We offer You the possibility to display Your products on the largest events of China. We invite you to the exhibiton SIAL, which is the largest event in Asia. Display and present Your products for FREE! Join Us to visit one of the largest event about Food & Beverages.
Introduction of SIAL: ; Introduction of FHC:
Display and present Your products for FREE! Join Us to visit one of the largest event about Food & Beverages.
CCIA Intermodal ASIA 2019
When: 22-24.5.2019
Where: Shanghai, China
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Display and present Your products for FREE! Join Us to visit one of the largest event about Food & Beverages.
CCIA Intermodal ASIA 2019
When: 22-24.5.2019
Where: Shanghai, China

The way We exhibit

Our Slovak and Czech succeses

We are in the center of attention

How We make the deal

Our office in Shanghai

Supervising the transportation in SK

Importation of the custom isolation boards


Answer: With our help, we will enable you to import Chinese products from China through Hungary with the approval / review of Our Chinese partner. We provide personal control of the production, quality control of products, loading and unloading of products into containers, help in translation of Chinese documents and reconciliation of business conditions, etc.

Answer: We ensure the quality of your products in the right place and at the right time, helping you in the market research, building your sales network, marketing, logistics and sales.

Answer: No, our company does not enter into your existing business, between the customer and the manufacturer, i.e. the agreed price and terms between the two parties are not changed by our supervision and control! In offers only above-average services that make it possible to make safe and worry-free shopping from China.

Answer: Yes! Our specialty is the more advantageous boat shipping, but of course we deal with both air and rail transport combined with truck transport to the destination. As a novelty, we offer fast rail transport directly from China to Poland, to Czech Republic, to Slovakia and Hungary. You can have the goods in your home in 14 days

Answer: Of course! Our Chinese staff is available for you at any time of the day or at any time in person.

Answer: Our Chinese colleagues are ready to travel to the manufacturing site and check the product and its manufacturing process, preparing photographic documentation of the manufacturing process. In case of interest, we are ready to arrange an on-site visit to China to make sure that the process and quality of the production is carried out personally.

David Kartík and his team is the best partner to make businesses on the Chinese market!

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